Site Map & Camping Rules

Outback RV Resort Site Map

Click on the map above if you would like to download and print a PDF version.

Welcome to Outback RV Resort! In order for things to run as smoothly as possible, we ask that everyone abides by the following rules and regulations. Please be considerate of all your fellow campers.

  • Check-In: 2:00 PM / Check-Out: 11:00 AM
  • Registration: ALL guests, visitors or invitee must REGISTER at the office upon arrival. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Visitors: There is a fee to visitors for the use of campground facilities. Visitors must park in the overflow area. The visitor fee can be prepaid by the site user, or by the visitor upon arrival. Tenants are responsible for their guests’ compliance with park rules. Maximum of 8 people per campsite.
  • Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. No loud talking, singing, radios, etc.. Excessive noise at any hour is not allowed. All our guests deserve a good night’s sleep.
  • Campsites: One vehicle allowed per site. No tents allowed on sites. Enclosures must be approved by management (screened in tents, etc.). Keep your belongings on your site. Do not set up chairs, satellite dishes, etc. on any site but your own. Keep your site clean, please. This includes, no waste or gray water dumped on the ground. Please do not walk through or in between occupied sites.
  • Vehicles: SPEED LIMIT 10 MPH. Licensed drivers only (this includes golf carts, e-bikes, etc!) No gas motorized recreational vehicles (4-wheelers, ATVs, side by sides, scooters, etc.). We like peace and quiet, no loud vehicles or motorcycles will be allowed to joyride around park. Due to the narrow roadways in the park, parking on the street is prohibited. Watch for our children and pets.
  • Children: Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. No electric/gas rideables (hoverboards, bikes, scooters, etc.) Lights on bikes after dark. No riding on sidewalks.
  • Pets: Please don’t leave pets unattended. They will miss you! They must be leashed, quiet, and you must clean up after them. (No one likes to step in poop.) We all love our pets like children, but they are not allowed in any building or pool area. We may prohibit or require removal from the campground any dog we consider a problem or who poses a risk to campers. Rabies certificate(s) need to be present.
  • WiFi: Free WiFi, connect to Outback RV. We are in a rural area with limited bandwidth, therefore, our WiFi is only for emails, and general Web browsing. Any streaming devices may be blocked.
  • Fireworks, Firearms, Drones, and Illegal Drugs (Cannabis is illegal in KY): Strictly forbidden anywhere on the campground property. Enjoy these off property.
  • Smoking: NO SMOKING inside any resort building or the pool area. PLEASE do not throw your “butts” on the ground. Dispose of them properly. There are cigarette receptacles in several locations around the office building.
  • Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol is only allowed on your campsite. Drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Pool: NO HORSEPLAY! There is no lifeguard on duty. The pool is open from 9:00 AM to dusk. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (21 or older). No street clothes in the water. No food or glass containers. We cannot have glass near the pool. Space is provided under the pavilion. Babies and toddlers must wear proper protection when in or around the water (swim diaper, life jacket, etc.). No suntan oil in the water. Lotion is acceptable.
  • Trash: Must be placed in bags and put in dumpster located at the back of the RV park, NOT in firepits or restrooms.
  • Fish Cleaning: Please clean up after use. Fish remains must be in a plastic bag and put in freezer (NOT dumpster).
  • Bathroom/Toilets/Sewers: To avoid sewer backups, as well as the mess, PLEASE do NOT flush: adult or baby wet wipes, paper towels, tampons, condoms, or anything else questionable; our septic system cannot handle it.
  • Firewood: Cutting of trees is prohibited. Keep the fire in the ring.
  • Rights of Management:Management is not responsible for damage or injuries to you or your personal property by fire, theft, wind, or accident. You should insure your trailer and golf cart.

If there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know! We reserve the right to expel anyone (without refund) who refuses to obey the campground rules.